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Hassle Free

With Smutnode you don't have to worry about servers, security updates, hosting etc. Everything is done for you, hassle free! This way you can concentrate on making money with your adult site.

For all skill levels

Just entering the adult biz? Or years of experience in adult? Smutnode is an easy to use adult tube platform. Beginner or advanced user, everybody can use it!

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Smutnode loads videos from all major adult tube sites. Videos are automatically managed on your tube site. How easy is that?

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All our generated tube sites are on-page seo optimized for the best results in google. All you have to do is promote and linkbuilding.


Configure your tube sites to fit your users needs. Our dashboard allows you to fully customize your tube site.

Niche friendly

Adult videos can be populated based on search tags. This way you're able to create a niche adult tube site in minutes, without searching for content.

How does it work?

Smutnode is a fully hosted solution. The only thing you need to do is point your domain DNS records to our server. Once this is done all traffic is send to your tube hosted on smutnode servers. You can easily configure your tube site in the smutnode dashboard. Put online the advertising you want for maximum monitization.